Trustpower’s new head office a masterpiece


With an overall building size of 9,900m2, Trustpower’s three-storey head office built by CBC Construction is the second-largest commercial building in Tauranga and accommodates 600 staff.

Located in Tauranga’s CBD, exterior materials were chosen to balance performance, longevity and affordability whilst making a positive architectural contribution to the city’s centre.

Innovative design and conception is seen throughout the whole building. An impressive glass façade highlights an outstanding exterior, achieving both acoustic and thermal performance with gas filled double-glazed panels incorporating Low E coating with varying glass modules and colours.

Inside, a large central atrium connects the three floors, producing natural light to the centre of the floor plate from the southlight roof. Trustpower’s aspiration in their new purpose-built office was to have connection, collaboration, energisation and fun. The atrium helps to maintain a sense of cohesiveness and staff are encouraged to choose from a range of break-out rooms, pod rooms and stand-up desks.

Project Details

  • Value: $25 million
  • Size: 9,900M2 consisting of 6,900m2 office space and 340m2 atrium and 100m2 café
  • Saw tooth roof to enhance light penetration
  • Double glazed façade for acoustic and thermal performance
  • Large atrium with interior interlinking stairs and bridges
  • Basement parking for 60 cars, 50 bicycles and 20 motorcycles.