36 structural steel columns form the basis for this architecturally-designed Trustpower building.

Posted By CBC / 12 August 2015 / Blog / No Comments

Trustpower-windows.jpg Trustpower-exterior-front.jpg

Recent photos of the new Trustpower building on Durham Street, Tauranga, were taken at a closed-in stage, and shows what a magnificent building it will be once completed. It all started with lots of concrete and 36 structural steel columns. Now the CBC Construction team are busy completing the interior finishes and the first fix for electrical, ventilation and fire requirements.

The front of the building features four different coloured-glass windows, in which large cranes were utilised to assist placing the heavy double-glazed units.

Simon Litten, Project Manager, says “Co-ordinating the process of placing the glass windows was a great effort by the team”.

All external windows are completed and the CBC Construction team currently have about 50 to 60 trade people on site at present.