Reputation counts for everything in this business and a company’s ethos evolves from the top. Our directors deliberately lead the way in delivering excellence and integrity.

Our directors each possess a rare, uncompromising, commitment to ensure high quality and timely outcomes are achieved for every single project.   Their combined building industry experience and sharp business acumen spanning across 20 years make them a formidable team.      

Together, they have successfully transformed multiple properties from a blank canvas into prime real estate.   And, through well-considered selection of their project management teams, the company continues to grow from strength to strength. 

Drew Beekie

Managing Director
CBC Construction

Drew is founder and part owner of CBC Construction, with a degree in quantity surveying. He has broad management experience in the building industry from market-leading companies in the UK and NZ.

His core belief is to ensure customers are well cared for. Drew and his talented team strive to maintain their impeccable reputation by conducting business honestly and well, whether it’s a $5,000 or $25 million job.

“The way I see it, my name is on the line for every job. And if there’s an issue, I’ll personally sort it out.”

Matthew Lagerberg

Group Director
CBC & Classic Builders

Since the launch of CBC, Matthew has been a pivotal figure in its early development. Over time he’s used his business acumen to assist Drew in guiding CBC towards being the very successful company it is today. He has managed significant elements of CBC including, tendering and overseeing major construction works.      

As CBC has grown, Matthew’s role has shifted and his technical strengths now see him taking a strategic technical role within the group. His expertise offers a valuable sounding board for any technical issues or aspects of construction needing professional consultation or advice.  

“We want to have the best reputation and be the most trusted building company in NZ.”      

Peter Cooney

Group Director
CBC & Classic Builders

Peter has established and run the Classic Builders Group of Companies from its inception in 1996 to the present day. In more recent years, he has taken on a business development role, and spends much of his time negotiating property acquisition opportunities along with commercial and industrial business propositions.            

Over almost 20 years, Peter has built up positive relationships with local authorities and the business community, and is a vital part of the CBC leadership team.            

“We develop our business relationships in the same way we construct our buildings – on solid foundations.”